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Gabby La La [24 May 2009|03:21pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

Do you know the beautiful and talented Gabby La La?
Solo artist, Special guest on Colonel Claypool Bucket of Bernie Brains and Claypool solo album.

If you dont know her, you should!!!



"Hi Everyone, Peeps, Friends and Folks, I am so happy to present this new and improved website! You will notice many advanced technological wonders such as games and shopping and tour dates, and I hope that you will enjoy visiting this little piece of cyber-heaven once in a while. If you want to stay connected with upcoming tour dates and sometimes other stuff, feel free to add your name to my newsletter! (A.K.A. Contact) Don't forget to become my friend on MySpace, FaceBook, and YouTube too! Before I sign out, I would like to thank my pen pals Javarnanda and Miss Salopette for creating this amazing website and for being wonderful, inspiring friends! Be sure to mark your calendars for the September shows, 'cause they will be visiting from Italy and performing with me!!! Thank You for your support, your friendship means the world to me:) Gabby La La"

Thanks A Lot!
This website is for you!
Gabby La La


Spokes for the Wheel of Torment Video [23 Apr 2008|10:40am]

[ mood | impressed ]

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[16 Nov 2007|10:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

My boyfriend and I are selling our signed Buckethead things.
We have a signed Elephant Man's Alarm Clock, A signed Langerado CD ( The show where we met him), and a signed Bib Fortuna my boyfriend caught when Buckethead was passing out his bucket of toys.
Here's the Auction

If you have any questions contact us there.
Thanks for looking everyone.

By the way, I'm very glad to see a buckethead community on LJ

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I came armed with a question [05 Jul 2007|08:44pm]

Dose anyone have the lyrics to Running from the light? If you do please post the lyrics in your reply. Thanks in advance!

Buckethead and Bootsy Collins, together again [12 Jun 2007|06:08pm]

Greg Prato of Billboard.com reports that former GUNS N' ROSES members Buckethead (guitar) and Brain (drums) have joined forces with bassist Bootsy Collins in a new project dubbed SCIENCE FACTION.

SCIENCE FACTION's yet-to-be-titled debut (which is being co-produced by Collins and guitarist Greg Hampton) is set for worldwide release early next year, with a tour to follow. Song titles include "L.O.A.F. (Living on Another Frequency)", "Fatally Flawed Flesh", "Neuro World", and a track with a working title of "Living in Eden".

"We're looking at it like, 'What would happen if we wound up a situation down the line as we evolve, that our technology takes over and we are the ones that they're looking at as 'the scum of the earth'," Collins (who previously played with Buckethead and Brain in PRAXIS) tells Billboard.com. "It's kind of like 'Planet of the Apes.' What would they be like? What would that feel like? We're just trying to warn the world that that's comin', and we're having fun with that."

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[21 Feb 2007|06:51pm]

Former GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Buckethead will release a set of albums, entitled "In Search Of The", on February 21. While not much is known about this collection, it has been confirmed that there are a total of thirteen albums that have each been personally numbered and monogrammed by Buckethead himself.

According to musician/producer and frequent Buckethead collaborator Travis Dickerson, "This is not a regular CD. It's hand-made, hand-burned. The cover is whatever is deemed to be written on it. This is not a manufactured deal; each one is different and will be numbered and monogramed. No two of these will be the same. I have never heard of an artist doing something like this. This is as direct from the artist to the fan as I have ever heard of.

"As far as the content, I don't know, but the mystery around it is no surprise. Again, I can't speculate because I don't want to mislead anyone, I just don't know anymore. My gut sense is this is a conceptual work, a piece of art. It could contain anything."

Each CD can be purchased separately for $20, while the entire 13-volume collection is available for $200.

For more information, click here.
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[24 Dec 2006|11:18am]
I am no longer an active member of livejournal. I will not be here to maintain this community. If anyone would like to take my place as mod, speak up.
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From The Russia With........... [29 Sep 2006|01:53am]

Hey, Is there anybody can give me "Welcome To Bucketheadland" from Giant Robot? It's fucking hard to find it... for me....
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[04 Apr 2006|11:28pm]

The worst feeling is driving for over an hour to go to see Buckethead at the Paradise in Boston, just to find that it sold out the day before... did anyone else make it? How was the show?
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Buckethead at the NAMM show on saturday [23 Jan 2006|04:28pm]

Buckethead pics with Boosty CollinsCollapse )
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Somwhere Over the Slaughterhouse. [17 Jan 2006|10:35pm]

I'm in a bind for money right now, and plan on doing a few eBay listings of some of my rarer goods. Unfortunately, one of which is the Somewhere Over the Slaughterhouse vinyl in great condition. I haven't posted it yet, but was wondering if anyone here would plan on getting it- I want to make sure it goes to a good home. Also, what would be a good starting bid price for it?

[13 Jan 2006|01:22am]



make your own!
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Kaleidoscalp [07 Jan 2006|06:33am]

Just finished listening to my copy.
My verdict: Oh dear :/.

The best part of the entire album last all of 10 seconds (the second phase of slunk,gutter etc. at 20 seconds). I notice that lack of catchy hooks are missing in alot of the more recent albums. Hopefully Bucket addresses this issue in whatever he releases this year.

P.S. Someone also really needs to sort him out with a better open hi-hat patch.
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Official Press Release for SECRET RECIPE DVD [14 Dec 2005|08:43pm]

For Immediate Release


(New York City) Media Blasters, Inc. and their Shriek Show label is proud to announce the exclusive North American DVD release of Buckethead’s SECRET RECIPE; a demented double-disc set featuring over 3 hours of mutant music, chromatic chills, thrills and unhinged humor! It’s a delirious, roller-coaster chronicle celebrating 13 years of the mysterious masked musician’s career and theme park antics. The Shriek Show DVD will street on March 14 2006 with an SRP of $19.98.

For the first time, the maximum security vaults at Bucketheadland are opened to reveal Buckethead’s most cherished home movies, live performances, rare music tracks, videos and surprise guests! You’ll experience his deepest, darkest obsessions, fears, joys and favorite toys!

Media Blasters is proud to continue its creative association with the multi-talented Buckethead that began in 2003 when he composed and performed the music score for FLESH FOR THE BEAST, a best selling horror DVD distributed by Media Blasters’ Shriek Show label.

For more information, please contact:
Media Blasters, Inc.
John Carchietta
212-868-0991 x229

For more information about Buckethead, please visit:
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Digging holes. [14 Dec 2005|10:32pm]

I just picked up the January issue of Guitar One with Yngwie & Buckethead on the cover! There's a nice little interview with Buckethead and several licks inside. ;)

Oh, and what does everyone think of the video for "We Are One"?
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Enter The Chicken [24 Nov 2005|07:15pm]

I have to say having just listened to the album what a disappointment it was.
Serj barely speaks/sings anything audible, Big B's guitar-work feels rushed and uninspired and considering two of the tracks are filler and that the track 'Nottingham Lace' has been available for download for years now at bucketheadland.com there isn't actually much there.

He seems to have fallen into the trap that virtuoso guitarists often wander into, in which they experiment with vocals (Vai being a golden example of this) and the song-writing quality totally collapses under lack of experience.

At least Kaliedoscalp seems to be somewhat promising from the samples i've heard so far (although pretty much identical to Cuckoo Clocks/Island Of Lost Minds etc.)
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BUCKETHEAD @ DIEBRITNEY.ORG [23 Nov 2005|09:08am]

photos, video, audio, from Ferndale, MI show
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Disneyland Anaheim 22 [23 Nov 2005|04:32am]

I just came back from the Disneyland, Anaheim show, and it was fuckin awsome. I am going to develop the pics I took and will post them for you guys. BTW have any of you guys hears INBRED MOUNTAIN, I picked it up to night at his show and its awsome.
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PLEASE HELP! [02 Nov 2005|01:41pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I'm trying to make some Buckethead shirts and I can't find any good, large pics of him!!!  
Please help! 
I'll make a shirt for you!♥
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[02 Nov 2005|11:30am]

did you guys hear about Bucketheadland 3?!?!
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